Activism Award

The Activism Award rewards an individual or team whose actions are helping to bring about social change. In this context, activism can take on many forms, from last year’s winner who campaigns on behalf of disabled people, to practices that are tackling issues from the lack of diversity and inclusion within the built environment to research which then becomes the basis for a public facing campaign.


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Entry Fee: Free


Function Please describe your activism and goals. How are your actions being of benefit? How are you using your knowledge and resources to help solve problems?
Communication How are you reaching your audience? How are you putting pressure on decision makers to further your cause? Please list your most effective digital communication channels, such as social media and blogs.
Outcome How are you measuring success? For example, if you are an organisation, has membership increased? Have you attracted funding? Are you moving the needle? If so, how?
Prize money Finally, please tell us how you would spend the prize money and other help you need to achieve your goals.

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