Best Use of Video

This category encompasses short animated films through to longer films with a narrative structure. But whatever the length, we want to see films that are inspiring and informative so it becomes a compelling and engaging experience. Videos must have been created in 2019-2020.

Entry Fee: £70.00 + VAT


Story Does the video communicate a clear story and drive a narrative? Is there a strong beginning, middle and end?
Engagement Are you clear who your audience is and what you’re trying to achieve? Are there any relevant statistics to show plays, finishes or likes?
Composition Are shots well composed? From a visual point of view, is the video eye catching and appealing?
Technology Is the video well built? Does it use any interesting techniques or technologies to set it apart?


  • Alice Doušavá

    Alice is a director of Zuketa film production specialising in documentary films for exhibitions and online publications, primarily for cultural institutions across the fields of design and architecture.

  • Igor Toronyi-Lalic

    Igor is the arts editor of The Spectator and director of the London Contemporary Music Festival. He is author of Benjamin Britten and What’s That Thing?, a report on public art.

  • Malcolm Reading

    Malcolm is the founder of Malcolm Reading Consultants, a strategic architectural consultancy that helps clients select the most committed and gifted design teams via its unique competition service.

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