Best Use of Social Media - Tarek Merlin

The judges said: “What we particularly liked is how Tarek is using social media to build a community which isn’t easy. We felt the winner’s passion and commitment to his subject has the potential to change how the profession is viewed by others, particularly young people.”


Best Written Content - Arney Fender Katsalidis

The judges said: “The winner impressed us with the clarity and punchy nature of its written content. We all agreed that every practice – big or small – should look at its website as an example of how to explain what architects do.”

A special mention was given to architect, George & James whose writing the judges ‘really enjoyed”.




Best Online Experience - Fourth Space

The judges said: “The winner is not about complicated technology – it’s about audience connection and how, when live events couldn’t take place, they managed to move that audience online.”

Best Podcast - The Londown on the Open City Podcast

The judges said: “The winning podcast has become essential listening because it is both informative and pacy and it has built up an impressive number of listeners in a short space of time.”

The Activism Award - Amy Francis-Smith

The judges said: “Amy is speaking up for disabled people in the UK and the discrimination many of them face within the current housing market.

“Her activism – to create an accessible future for all through legislation– not only deserves recognition but is being noticed. We hope the prize money will allow her to continue her work and prompt more architects, designers and planners to become advocates for inclusive design.”


The Alan Davidson Award for Storytelling - dn&co

The judges said: “Although Brent Cross Town is at an early stage, we really liked the two-way conversation that’s started and the combination of community voices, bold vision and attitude –  all of which is being well-executed across multiple digital platforms.”

A special mention was given to Who Cares by Squire and Partners and AWMA. Judges said the project demonstrated an “incredibly innovative approach to participatory engagement.”



Best Newcomer - NOOMA Studio

The judges said: “We were impressed by the winner’s exploration of circular narratives which we thought is so apt in light of today’s challenges around climate change, building re-use and how we can bring people together in the aftermath of the pandemic.”


Best Visual Design - Office S&M

The judges said: ‘The website has a strong sense of practice personality and is fun and engaging in so many ways but also has clear calls to action.”

The runner-up was Michaelis Boyd. Judges said the website is “slick, polished and high impact with beautiful projects that clearly showcase the architect’s work.”

Best User Experience - AWW

The judges said: “The winning website is simple to use but has a lot of interesting content which has been brilliantly organised.

“A great user experience looks effortless despite all the work that’s going on behind the scenes and this website delivers on all fronts.”

Best Consultant - Spacemaker

The judges said: “This winner  has a big mountain to climb in terms of communicating its value and benefits to architects but we were impressed by its intuitive website which encourages you to explore the product and understand its offer.”



Best Overall - dRMM

The judges said: “dRMM waste no time in setting out its stall –  who they are and their wider values as a business while allowing individuals to have a voice. This is all done with a self-assurance and style underpinned by a socially useful agenda and communicated using a multimedia approach.”


Best Use of Video - Diamond Schmitt

The judges said: ” The winner stood out for superb storytelling, lovely cinematography which celebrated both the architect’s skill and the spirit of the context. It is a very well edited and constructed film which made us smile and filled us with admiration for all concerned.”