Best Use of Social Media

Social media consumption and posting has increased during the pandemic but it has also been a time of experimentation.

From LinkedIn to TikTok, judges would like to know which platforms you’re using to connect with audiences and why and what kind of content you’re posting to drive your business forward.

We are looking for entrants whose social media presence is creative, memorable and impactful whether that’s using static images, video or other engaging assets, such as polls and live video.


Entry Fee: £95.00 + VAT


Content Is there a good amount of interesting content? Is the channel consistent in getting content out? Is it relevant to the audience? Are there diverse types of content going out through appropriate channels?
Creativity Do the social media channels showcase creativity and innovation? Are there new and interesting types of content that help set it apart from its competitors?
Engagement Does the channel pay attention to its audience? How is it reaching out to its followers? Have they managed to create a community?
Tone Does the persona of the channel/s fairly represent the tone of the brand? Is it consistent with the website? Does it have a strong voice and point of view?

Entries are currently closed

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