Best Visual Design

We are looking for sites that make an impact and communicate a visual experience, where the design is high quality, appropriate and relevant for the audience and the message it’s supporting.

While we’re keen to see examples of beautiful imagery, this should not be not at the expense of the navigation and user experience.

Great visual design means it should be clear where users go for certain types of information, and we expect to see design consistency throughout the website and across different devices. As this is the most hotly contested category, we will also award the runner-up.

The submitted website must have been created (or updated) within 2020-2021.



Entry Fee: £95.00 + VAT


Relevance Does the design seem relevant and appropriate for the audience? Does it support the messages being communicated?
Navigation Does the visual design elevate or interfere with navigation? Is it clear where to go for certain types of information? If there are social media links, are they properly highlighted?
Consistency Is the design and style consistent throughout the website? Is it consistent across different devices? Does it flow?
Impact Does the website make an impact, for example using powerful imagery? From the design, is it easy to understand what the website is about and who it’s aimed at? Are there clever design touches that express the brand without overpowering the user?


  • Doris Lam

    Doris is the Head of UK Development for Chinese Estates Holding. With over 20 years experience in the UK real estate market, she started her career at Farrells and later at MAKE Architects where she qualified as a chartered architect.

  • Russell Potter

    Russell founded SODA Studio with Laura Sanjuan and he has since worked on a number of prestigious projects in and around Central London. SODA won the Best Visual Design category in 2020.

  • Joy Nazzari

    Joy is the founder of dn&co — a branding consultancy specialising in culture and place, and the team behind the reinvention of some of London’s most remarkable areas including St James’s, Broadgate, and the Royal Docks.

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