Best Short Clip

Judges want to see clever ways architects are using video up to two minutes and thirty seconds in length to showcase their work.
Now that platforms like TikTok, Instagram Reels and LinkedIn have expanded their short-term offerings, short-form video has become a low-commitment and engaging way for practices to connect with their audience.
The category is open to architects and other built environment professionals, so long as architecture is the main subject. Up to three videos can be submitted made between autumn 2022 and February ’24.
If your video is longer than two minutes thirty seconds please enter the Best Use of Video category.




Entry Fee: £150.00 + VAT


Strategy How is short-form video part of your content strategy? Who are you appealing to? Which platforms are you using to reach your target audience?
Creativity What is the story you are telling and how are you making use of the short-form format to make the videos interesting so that they appeal to viewers?
Outcomes Is there increased traffic to your website and social media accounts? Are you winning work as a result of your video strategy?


  • Justus van der Hoven, Co-founder, Hoven

    Justus has completed film projects for a multitude of practices and global brands. His film ‘What If’ won Best Short Clip at the 2022 Archiboo Awards. Presently, he making a series of short films documenting the  process of designing and constructing tiny houses. YT: IG: @justhoven

  • Luke O’Donovan, Architectural photographer

    Luke’s clients and collaborators range from leading practices to cultural institutions. He founded the Architecture Photography Fund mentorship scheme and the Zoomed In virtual photography festival with a focus on building a more diverse and accessible culture around architectural imagery. IG: @luke.odonovan

  • Edward Jarvis, Urban Design Manager, Camden Council

    An intuitive design negotiator and facilitator, Ed has helped deliver well regarded and awarded places, buildings and public realm including the regeneration of King’s Cross and housing and schools projects on the Camden’s Community Investment Program.

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