Best User Experience

Judges are looking for websites that have clearly understood the audience and where a lot of thought has gone into creating the user journey.

They want to see  websites that load quickly with elegant, efficient and consistent navigation so users can find relevant content quickly and easily. The website should work equally well on any device – desktop, laptop, smartphone, or tablet.

This category is particularly relevant for websites that have had additions and improvements in the last 12 months.

This category is supported by the Building Centre

Entry Fee: £123.00 + VAT


Ease of use Is the website easy to navigate? Is there any learning curve required to understand how to use the website?
Architecture Is the website’s layout and structure conducive to a good user experience? Is it taking into account best practices?
Consistency Is the user experience consistent throughout the site? Does it use the same navigation menu? Is there a coherent site structure?
Speed Is the website quick to load?


  • Louis Whitall

    Louis is a data-driven and analytical UX designer. He has worked with global brands including Land Rover, ING and Lyft. He founded user in London to focus exclusively on UX design.

  • Tania Ostanina

    Tania is a UX designer helping a FTSE 20 company transform its digital publishing products. She made the transition to UX from a previous long standing career in architecture. 

  • Owen Matthews

    Owen is a director at Ten4, a digital agency. His passion for the design process, creativity and usability serves a long list of clients. Owen’s work for architects, engineers and developers spans two decades and practices of all shapes and sizes.

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